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Social-Ecological Transformations in Research and Politics

parallel session (c) Jana Madzigon

by Franz Skala
(Photo: (c) Jana Madzigon

Transformation is a complex long-term process with very slow progress

This cross-sectional task requires the cooperation of all key actors in politics, economy (producers and consumers), civil society

Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary basic and applied research is needed

Alternative research questions should be formulated and the work on them financed

Good life for all should be a guiding goal for the research – all citizens of the world have the same right on a good life

“Growth and Jobs” is no sustainable development strategy

The “Netzwerk sozial-ökologische Transformation” presented a “Memorandum on the need of social-ecological transformation research in Austria“, which is supported by a broad network of researchers from Austrian university and non-university research institutions.

The research to meet the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Climate Goals should cover obstacles and risks as well as learning from pioneers of change, innovative policies and results from experiments. It should help to accelerate the complex socio-ecologic transformation process towards a sustainable society.