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Privacy Policy

The protection of your personal information is a matter of great importance for us. Therefore, your data will only be processed if there is a legal basis to do so (GDPR, Telecommunications Act 2003, Data Protection Act). On these pages you will find information about the most important aspects of data processing in connection with the use of our conference website.

Contacting us

If you contact us via e-mail, the personal data you provide will only be used for the purpose of handling your request. Your data will be stored for six months to enable us to deal with any follow-up queries in case they arise. We will not transfer your data unless you have given your explicit consent for us to do so.

Liability disclaimer

This website contains links to external websites which have been provided by third parties. We are not responsible for the content of these external websites and therefore do not accept any liability for the content of these websites. Responsibility for the linked pages lies with the providers or operators of the external websites. While we make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information provided on the linked sites is accurate, we cannot always guarantee the accuracy of information provided on the sites unless there is concrete evidence of an infringement. Should we become aware of any such infringement, we will immediately remove such links.

Data stored when using the registration / waiting list form

If you have filled out the registration form to obtain the accreditation link, the following data has been stored by us: first name, last name, e-mail address.

If you have filled out the waiting list form, the following data has been stored by us: gender, first name, last name, organisation, nationality, e-mail address.

The details we store will be erased six month after the conference ends.

Accreditation Data

The Austrian Presidency’s accreditation portal and media accreditation portal may collect and process different personal data. Their storage of data is not within our sphere of influence. Users of these portals can find further information as well as respective privacy policies on the individual portals.

Video and Photography

During the conference, video clips and photos will be taken. These are used to document the event and will be published on our website.

Under no circumstances will these recordings be resold to third parties or used for commercial purposes. The recordings are made in a clearly visible way during the event. If you as a participant do not wish to be included in recorded material, we request that you indicate this and our photographers will of course respect your privacy.


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile phone when you browse websites. They do not cause any damage to your computer, tablet or mobile device.

We use cookies for statistical purposes and to make our website more user-friendly. Some of these cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device until you delete them. If you do not wish this to happen, you can configure your browser (via user settings) so that it informs you before cookies are saved, and allow cookies to be stored only in individual cases.

Social Media Plugins

Our blog section provides social media sharing buttons, which help you share content from our website to Facebook, Twitter, Xing and LinkedIn. This will only happen if you actively click on one of these buttons. Before you activate the social media plugin, no data will be transferred to the relevant social media provider. These buttons are created using the so-called Shariff method to protect your privacy. For more information about the Shariff project see here (German language).

Web analysis using Google Analytics

Our website uses functions provided by Google Analytics web analysis services, Google LLC (Google), Mountain View, California, USA. For this purpose, cookies are installed to analyse use of the website. The information generated by cookies is transferred to the server of the provider, where it is stored.

Data processing is carried out in accordance with the legal requirements set out in Section 96 (3) of the Telecommunications Act and in Article 6 (1) (a) (consent) and/or (legitimate interest) of the GDPR.

You can stop cookies being installed by configuring your browser settings so that no cookies are stored.

A record is kept of your IP address, which is anonymised as soon as technically feasible (by deleting the last eight bits) before it is sent to the Google server so that your physical location can only be identified approximately.

The relationship with the web analytics provider is managed in compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield arrangement. For more information see Google’s Privacy Policy.

Google Fonts

This website uses the Google Fonts API, a service provided by Google LLC, (Google), Mountain View, California, USA. The Google Fonts API is designed to limit the collection, storage and use of end-user data to what is needed to serve fonts efficiently.

Use of Google Fonts is unauthenticated. No cookies are sent by website visitors to the Google Fonts API. Requests to the Google Fonts API are made to resource-specific domains, such as fonts.googleapis.com or fonts.gstatic.com, so that your requests for fonts are separate from and do not contain any credentials you send to google.com while using other Google services that are authenticated, such as Gmail.

In order to serve fonts quickly and efficiently with the fewest requests, responses are cached by the browser. Requests for CSS assets are cached for 1 day, which means Google tracks 1 CSS request per font family, per day, per browser. The font files themselves are cached for one year.

Aggregate usage numbers track how popular font families are. Data from Google’s web crawler is used to detect which websites use Google fonts. This data is published and accessible in the Google Fonts BigQuery database. To learn more about the information Google collects and how it is used and secured, see Google’s Privacy Policy and Google Fonts FAQ.

Server logs

The following data are logged in the server logs of our website: the user’s IP address and data concerning the time of the request, the purpose of the request, the data volume transmitted, a notification stating whether the request was successful, the browser and the operating system used, and the website from which the access was made (if the access was made via a link). The data is only used to ensure system security. Server logs are kept for 3 days.

Services used on the parent website, wachstumimwandel.at

The conference2018 website is a subsite of wachstumimwandel.at, but does not share the content management system. Please see the privacy statement on wachstumimwandel.at  (German language only) for information about external services, which are used there (Google Analytics, YouTube video, Mailchimp newsletter).

Your rights

You have as a matter of principle the right to be informed, to have data rectified or erased, to restrict processing, the right to data portability and the right to object and withdraw your consent. If you think that the processing of your data is in breach of the data protection law, or that your legal claims under the data protection law have been breached in any other way, you can lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. In Austria, this is the Austrian Data Protection Authority. If you wish to exercise your right to object or withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data in connection with this website, please send a short e-mail to: datenschutz@bmk.gv.at


Responsible body for data processing:

Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (former Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism)
Stubenring 1, A-1010 Vienna

Data protection officer:
Email address: datenschutz@bmk.gv.at