EESC | PUBLIC HEARING | Towards a more sustainable Europe: a strategy for long-term transition processes

1. März 2017, ganztags

With this hearing, the EESC wants to start the debate on a long-term strategy for a more sustainable Europe. Based on an assessment of long-term trends and challenges, such as the digitalisation of the economy, the shift to a low carbon economy and the transformation of labour markets, the hearing will explore the transition to a new economic model that is economically more resilient, socially more fair and environmentally more responsible. Karl Falkenberg will engage in a dialogue with Thomas Philbeck, World Economic Forum, and Prof. Karl Aiginger, leader of the project New dynamics for Europe.

In its Communication on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (COM(2016)739), the Commission announced its intention to launch reflection work on developing a vision with a post 2020 perspective. The hearing will feed into an EESC opinion which is meant to contribute to this process.

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